My name is Jessica Navratil.

I was born in Ohio, was raised in Texas until the age of 11, and then moved to Minnesota. I’ve lived in California, Illinois, and Utah. I have travelled to many other states as well but have found the place I want to settle my roots here in the Midwest. There is something so magical about the depth of the beauty in each changing season that the Midwest seems to capture like nowhere else I have been.

I tend to find beauty everywhere I go and have been in love with being behind a camera since a very young age. In the days of disposable cameras I would buy one every couple weeks and found myself capturing the little things in my life that I found so special. From the typical pictures of my pets to random pictures in the hallways of my high school, some of my favorite photos are those developed at a one hour photo hut.

I have always appreciated nature and it’s endless beauty. I am a pretty sensitive person so to be able to capture the emotion behind so many things that others may not see brings me a joy that words cannot even describe. It’s that joy that I have found between my writing and my photography that I want to share with the world. I want my readers and/or my viewers to feel something, I want to take them on a journey, I want them to experience their own love affair with life.